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Don’t Bother

I’ve been on a bit of a book losing streak. I switched over from my sci-fy and fantasy binge to some contemporary books, and WOW, disappointing isn’t strong enough of an emotion.

Let me save you lots of trouble, and tell you right now why you shouldn’t read:


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Fantasy · Mature Adult · Romance

Shifters Unbound

Shifters Unbound – 3.75

by Jennifer Ashley


“A girl walks into a bar… No. A human girl walks into a shifter bar.”

In a world where shifters untamed were dangerous not only humans but also themselves, shifters chose a magical Fae Collar to control their aggressive behavior.  For twenty years shifters have bowed to the confines of the Collar, but now that the shifter population is growing, and in some ways, flourishing, they’ve decided it might be time to free themselves from this Collared-cage.

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Fantasy · Romance · Young Adult

A Court of Wings and Ruin

A Court of Wings and Ruin – 5 Stars

by Sarah J. Maas


Plot- 5 Stars

      “They say you came back different. Came back wrong.’ A crow’s laugh. ‘ I never bother to tell them I think you came back right. Came back right at last.”

     “The most powerful High Lord in the world lost his mate, and has not yet come to claim her, even when she is defenseless in the woods.’ Jurian chuckled. ‘Perhaps that’s because Rhysand has not lost you at all. But rather unleashed you upon us.”

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Fantasy · Romance · Young Adult


Caraval – 3.5 Stars

by Stephanie Garber


     “You cannot forget what I told you at the clock shop: most of the people here are not who they appear. That girl gave a performance, meant to drop your guard. They say they don’t want us to get too carried away, but that is the point of this game. Legend likes to – play.”

Synopsis: For years Scarlett has written to the infamous Legend in hopes of bringing his Caraval marvel to her home island of Trisda. Finally, a week before she is to be married to a phantom groom, tickets arrive for Scarlett and her sister, plus one other, to travel to Legend’s personal play place – the Isla de los Suenos – and attend Caraval.

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Fantasy · Romance · Young Adult

A Court of Mist and Fury

A Court of Mist and Fury – 5 Stars

 courtmistPlot – 5 Stars

“When you spend so long trapped in darkness, Lucien, you find that the darkness begins to stare right back.”

After the death of Amarantha, Feyre and Tamlin should be blissful. The danger should be over. The Spring Court should be Feyre’s sanctuary. But, Feyre is anything but happy.

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Fantasy · Romance · Young Adult

A Court of Thorns and Roses

A Court of Thorns and Roses – 5 Stars

by Sarah J. Maas

I’m going to use a lot of quotes, because Maas’s words are much prettier than my own.



Plot – 5 Stars

In an elaborate human-fae world, the stain of a War five hundred years past still leaves its mark upon the land.

     “No one ever told me why humans chose to linger in our territory, when so little space had been granted to us and we remained in such close proximity to Prythian. Fools – whatever humans had stayed here after the War must have been suicidal fools to live so close.”


Mortal. Human. She’s made an awful life-changing mistake.

     “My throat went dry. I’d killed a faerie.”

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Contemporary · Mature Adult · Romance

Beauty In The Ashes

Beauty in the Ashes – 4 Stars

by Micalea Smeltzer


Caelan Gregory is out of control. He’s an addict, a womanizer, an angry artist with a chip on his shoulder.

Sutton Hale is his neighbor. They can’t stop the train-wreck of their attraction.

Dark romances keep me captivated, and although I had some issues with Beauty in the Ashes, it had my rapt attention.

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Dystopia · Fantasy · Paranormal · Romance · Young Adult

Black City


Black City – 5 Stars

by Elizabeth Richards


After finish this book, my first thought was: Yes! This is not a vampire story.

Dystopia? Sure, I guess. Although when I think of Dystopia I think Hunger Games, Divergent , and The Darkest Minds. Black City doesn’t fit, it’ so much more, a rare gem.


The Black City is a city divided. Physically. Metaphorically. Ash is half Darlking, one of them, a twin-blood. Natalie is a Sentry, the opposition. She is conflicted, beautiful. They are classmates. They are not friends. She holds half his heart, and knows his secret.

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Mature Adult · Romance · Science Fiction

The Rescue

The Morcai Battalion, The Rescue – 2 Stars

By Diana Palmer


Ugh. This was a flop. Shame on me for choosing to read the fourth book in a series first. I was LOST. I had no idea what a Cehn-Tahr was, or why being Holconcom was important and fearsome.  I am still not certain why humans were referred to as Terravegans, I am guessing Terravega was a human-only colony. I could have dealt with all that, I eventually caught on, but these were only a smidget of my literary issues.

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