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Don’t Bother

I’ve been on a bit of a book losing streak. I switched over from my sci-fy and fantasy binge to some contemporary books, and WOW, disappointing isn’t strong enough of an emotion.

Let me save you lots of trouble, and tell you right now why you shouldn’t read:


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Beauty In The Ashes

Beauty in the Ashes – 4 Stars

by Micalea Smeltzer


Caelan Gregory is out of control. He’s an addict, a womanizer, an angry artist with a chip on his shoulder.

Sutton Hale is his neighbor. They can’t stop the train-wreck of their attraction.

Dark romances keep me captivated, and although I had some issues with Beauty in the Ashes, it had my rapt attention.

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Faking Perfect

Faking Perfect – 4 Stars

By Rebecca Phillips


Faking Perfect – when your imperfect self might just be the most perfect version.

Lexi is what all teenagers are: selfish, self-centered, self-conscious.

     “Yes. I thought the first time I’d walked down the hall with the acclaimed Emily Manning and her friends. I have arrived. This is where I belong.”

I didn’t expect to like the story, but I found myself hopelessly rooting for the bad-boy, the arrogant stoner, the wrong guy, from the beginning.

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After the Dark

After the Dark (Killer Instinct #1) 

3 Stars

by Cynthia Eden


After the Dark had all the makings of a 4 Star review from me: complex characters, romance, suspense… But I just didn’t really like it. I didn’t connect with Samantha or Blake. I felt like I missed a few important chapters and was flung into the middle of the book…maybe I should have read The Gathering Dusk, but I don’t think a novella should be a significant prequel to the first book.

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Contemporary · Romance · Young Adult

Rusk University

Rusk University – 4 Stars

By Cora Carmack

Rusk University .jpg

This series was a bit out of the norm for me, but I was feeling a little nostalgic and checked out the University chick lit. I was pleasantly surprised by the characters and think the book ranks 4 stars for the genre. I personally wouldn’t label this young adult, only because I don’t think novels geared towards this age group (I’m thinking teens here) should have so much sex. The best audience might be true ‘young adults’ – college age-ish. The writing is a bit cutesy, but what chick lit isn’t?

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Contemporary · Mature Adult · Romance

Six Pack Ranch

Six Pack Ranch Series – 3.5 Stars

by Vivian Arend


Look, life can be rough. If you’re in need of a light-hearted, flirty, cutesy romance filled with hard times brought upon good people, then this series is for you. I was in one of those moods where I needed the happy ending for everyone-type book. No cheating, no seriously disturbing content. The stories are not the most original. The setting and characters are pretty run-of-the-mill (something I usually detest), but somehow Arend makes them still worth reading.

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Dirty Eleven

Dirty Eleven MC Series – 5 Stars

by Jill Sorenson

Riding Dirty – 5 Stars

dirty eleven

Cole & Mia

Cole is a recently released convicted felon.

“He retreated with his palms raised, as if he expected to be arrested for touching her.”

Mia is his psychologist.

 “She didn’t have a normal life. She could only have this cold, satisfying revenge.”

She wants to use him.

“She’d told him she was a murder witness living under an assumed identity. That was unwise.”

Their relationship is wildly inappropriate.

“Are you warning me away from you?’

‘I’m saying it’s no compliment to be your Russian roulette game.”

“She’d end up broken. But she didn’t care.”

With the law and MC breathing down Cole’s neck, will he ever get to tell her how he feels?

“He wanted more than her body. He wanted to lay in bed with her on a Sunday morning and just…smell her hair.”

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Contemporary · Mature Adult · Romance · Suspense


Aftershock – 5 Stars

By Jill Sorenson


Lauren & Garrett

     “He was supposed to guard her from other men.

      Who would guard her from him?”

Garrett has a secret.

     “Who’s right’ she asked, watching his eyes darken’

     ‘You are,’ he rasped.

     ‘About What?’

     ‘Everything. To infinity.”

Their attraction is undeniable.

“Laughter bubbled up inside her, spilling over. She rested her forehead against his shoulder and surrendered to it. Maybe she was a little delirious form lack of sleep, because her giggles quickly dissolved into tears.”

As the world crumbles around them, they find strength in each other.

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