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Black City


Black City – 5 Stars

by Elizabeth Richards


After finish this book, my first thought was: Yes! This is not a vampire story.

Dystopia? Sure, I guess. Although when I think of Dystopia I think Hunger Games, Divergent , and The Darkest Minds. Black City doesn’t fit, it’ so much more, a rare gem.


The Black City is a city divided. Physically. Metaphorically. Ash is half Darlking, one of them, a twin-blood. Natalie is a Sentry, the opposition. She is conflicted, beautiful. They are classmates. They are not friends. She holds half his heart, and knows his secret.

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Dystopia · Fantasy · Romance · Young Adult

The Winner’s Trilogy

Winner’s Trilogy – 5 Stars

By Marie Rutkoski


Marie Rutkoski’s writing is beautiful. Every sentence has been arranged into perfection. I am in awe of her ability to craft such stunning narratives. The plot is riveting. The characters are complex. There are unexpected turns, and a distinctly original setting. I love the Valorian and Herrani cultures, both unique, both realistic, both one-of-a-kind. The juxtaposition of the artistic, tan, and grey-eyed Herrani people compared to the Valorians – full of fare, blue-eyed, soldiers – makes for an extraordinary story line that can easily evolve.

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Dystopia · Fantasy · Romance · Young Adult

Unravel Me

Unravel Me (Book 2) – 5 Stars

by Tahereh Mafi


Synopsis: Juliette has escaped the reestablishment, but her life has only become more complicated. Omega Point is full of gifted individuals who are training as rebels to fight back against the reestablishment. Juliette needs to figure out how to control her abilities so she can help the rebel group win this fight, but she’s not sure if that’s the right thing to do.

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Dystopia · Fantasy · Romance · Young Adult

Shatter Me

Shatter Me (Book 1) – 5 Stars

by Tahereh Mafi


Synopsis: Juliette has a condition which prevents her to touch other people or be touched by other people. She is feared, living a life of isolation, and has been abandoned by those who are supposed to love her most-her family. Despite this, Juliette has a kind heart. Insert Adam, a boy who has admired Juliette from a far, and makes Juliette FEEL things. Then there’s Warner, the anti-Hero who wants to use Juliette as a weapon. There was so much potential for there to be more to this book, but the world-building took a backseat to Juliette’s feelings and thoughts, which I might grudgingly add, I was totally hooked on thanks to Mafi’s strange quarky writing style.

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Dystopia · Fantasy · Romance · Young Adult

Shatter Me Series


Shatter Me Series by Tahereh Mafi

Quick Ratings (Out of 5 Stars)

  • Series Rating – 5: I just couldn’t get enough of this series and Mafi’s crazy writing style! Mafi’s writing isn’t for everyone, she has a very different unique style. In grad school, one of my assignments was to create a pamphlet for HS students on interlacing voice into one’s writing. The goal was to write a guide with so much voice it lifted off the page and slapped you in the face. That’s Mafi, you can either take her batty bizarre simile filled writing, or you can’t.

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