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Shifters Unbound

Shifters Unbound – 3.75

by Jennifer Ashley


“A girl walks into a bar… No. A human girl walks into a shifter bar.”

In a world where shifters untamed were dangerous not only humans but also themselves, shifters chose a magical Fae Collar to control their aggressive behavior.  For twenty years shifters have bowed to the confines of the Collar, but now that the shifter population is growing, and in some ways, flourishing, they’ve decided it might be time to free themselves from this Collared-cage.

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Contemporary · Mature Adult · Romance

Beauty In The Ashes

Beauty in the Ashes – 4 Stars

by Micalea Smeltzer


Caelan Gregory is out of control. He’s an addict, a womanizer, an angry artist with a chip on his shoulder.

Sutton Hale is his neighbor. They can’t stop the train-wreck of their attraction.

Dark romances keep me captivated, and although I had some issues with Beauty in the Ashes, it had my rapt attention.

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Mature Adult · Romance · Science Fiction

The Rescue

The Morcai Battalion, The Rescue – 2 Stars

By Diana Palmer


Ugh. This was a flop. Shame on me for choosing to read the fourth book in a series first. I was LOST. I had no idea what a Cehn-Tahr was, or why being Holconcom was important and fearsome.  I am still not certain why humans were referred to as Terravegans, I am guessing Terravega was a human-only colony. I could have dealt with all that, I eventually caught on, but these were only a smidget of my literary issues.

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Fantasy · Mature Adult · Romance · Science Fiction

Star’s End

Star’s End – 4 Stars

by Anna Hackett

A Space pirate adventure loaded with suspense and romance? Yes! I’m in!


Of course I had to read this book, space-pirate addict here, and Star’s End was good. But, can we talk about the elephant in the room? What is with the cover?! Luckily this book is short because I literally waited until I had less than a handful of days to return it to the library before I even cracked it open. The cover looks straight out of the 80s even though Star’s End was only published three years ago, in 2014. I don’t usually fancy myself a cover snob, but apparently, I am. Now if you can ignore the graphics and focus on the writing, you’ll find yourself a pretty decent read.

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Fantasy · Mature Adult · Romance · Science Fiction

The Coalition Rebellion

The Coalition Rebellion – 4 Stars

By Justine Davis


Due to my recent space-fantasy addiction, I decided to go old school and read Lord of the Storm and Skypirate. Anything that promises space pirates is a definite read for me. I didn’t know what to expect, but what I got, wonderfully, was not it. I enjoyed the two very different books for similar reasons. First of all, the characters are so very intriguing. The books are fast-paced, loaded with suspense and dark romance. The books are not cut from the same cloth, but there are similar themes, and the characters hold the same mold of not-being-who-you-expect-them-to-be.

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Contemporary · Mature Adult · Romance · Suspense

After the Dark

After the Dark (Killer Instinct #1) 

3 Stars

by Cynthia Eden


After the Dark had all the makings of a 4 Star review from me: complex characters, romance, suspense… But I just didn’t really like it. I didn’t connect with Samantha or Blake. I felt like I missed a few important chapters and was flung into the middle of the book…maybe I should have read The Gathering Dusk, but I don’t think a novella should be a significant prequel to the first book.

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Contemporary · Mature Adult · Romance

Six Pack Ranch

Six Pack Ranch Series – 3.5 Stars

by Vivian Arend


Look, life can be rough. If you’re in need of a light-hearted, flirty, cutesy romance filled with hard times brought upon good people, then this series is for you. I was in one of those moods where I needed the happy ending for everyone-type book. No cheating, no seriously disturbing content. The stories are not the most original. The setting and characters are pretty run-of-the-mill (something I usually detest), but somehow Arend makes them still worth reading.

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Fantasy · Mature Adult · Paranormal · Romance

New Species

New Species Series – 4 Stars

By Laurann Dohner


World Building – 4 Stars: Human DNA is spliced and diced, combined with animal blood to create the New Species. While they share some of our DNA, the New Species are very much not human. They’re stronger. Faster. They can jump higher, climb further. They are possessive. Passionate. Aggressive. They have broken free from their cages and demand respect, or, at the very least, solitude.

Yes, yes, yes! I loved this wild, passionate, fierce, and sometimes heartbreaking world Dohner constructed.

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Contemporary · Mature Adult · Romance

Dirty Eleven

Dirty Eleven MC Series – 5 Stars

by Jill Sorenson

Riding Dirty – 5 Stars

dirty eleven

Cole & Mia

Cole is a recently released convicted felon.

“He retreated with his palms raised, as if he expected to be arrested for touching her.”

Mia is his psychologist.

 “She didn’t have a normal life. She could only have this cold, satisfying revenge.”

She wants to use him.

“She’d told him she was a murder witness living under an assumed identity. That was unwise.”

Their relationship is wildly inappropriate.

“Are you warning me away from you?’

‘I’m saying it’s no compliment to be your Russian roulette game.”

“She’d end up broken. But she didn’t care.”

With the law and MC breathing down Cole’s neck, will he ever get to tell her how he feels?

“He wanted more than her body. He wanted to lay in bed with her on a Sunday morning and just…smell her hair.”

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